Maybe a pre wedding treat or post wedding relaxation? A gift for a loved one or just pure indulgence for yourself, massage is vital to a healthy well being for the body and mind.


 Relaxation Massage: Calming & Soothing - 30 minutes - £35 / 6O minutes - £60

Calming and Soothing A full body massage integrating Swedish and Eastern traditions for a deep sense of overall calm.

Pregnancy Massage: Gentle Nurturing - 60 minutes - £65

Gentle Nurturing. A relaxing treatment using oil blends aimed at enhancing cell regeneration and circulation. (Suitable after first trimester).

Remedial Massage: Deep Healing - 30 minutes- £40 / 60 minutes - £65

Deep Healing. Targeted release for stored tension with a focus on specific muscle groups.

Integrated Massage: Tailored Therapy - 30 minutes - £35 / 60 minutes - £65

Tailored Therapy. Combines massage techniques to suit specific areas of need. Customised with your chosen aromatherapy blend